Your project

Endless possibilities to suit your products

Do you produce ready meals? Ready-made salads? Sandwiches to take away? We offer a vast range from classic recipes (mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressings, etc.) to trendy flavours (Asian, spicy, sweet and sour)! As for packaging, from a few grams up to a tonne, you are bound to find what you need!

dosettes nuoc mam sur ligne de production

Your requirements as a food manufacturer

You are a food manufacturer, just like Idhéa. We share the same requirements:

  • Trust, safety and transparency in a highly regulated sector;
  • Product stability; (Find out more )
  • The need to offer recipes in line with current trends that meet increasingly demanding expectations from consumers, health authorities and food organisations for healthier and more sustainable consumption. We strive to develop healthy recipes, reducing sugar, fat and salt content, simplifying the list of ingredients, eliminating additives, etc.
homme contrôle la production

Let's create your sauce together!

If you can’t find the sauce you want among our recipes, let’s invent it together and combine flavours! As well as being an exacting sauce manufacturer, we also know how to be creative!

And this is how Idhéa devises your sauce:


Detailed study of your request: End use, product type, technical and regulatory constraints, consumer expectations, etc.


Feasibility study by the Idhéa teams: R&D, Quality Assurance, Production, Packaging and Procurement meet around the table.


Start of development by our R&D Team: A recipe is created in the lab; samples and technical data sheets are sent out; discussions continue until the sauce meets with your approval.


Serial testing in our production environment and then on your production lines.

The benefits of working with Idhéa:

Close cooperation and regular communication;

End-to-end visibility and traceability throughout the process;

Our R&D Team’s expertise: from the lab to manufacturing, the product must remain stable;

Responsiveness… according to our customers!