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Idhéa came about with the amalgamation of two major brands: La Case aux Épices and Saveurs & Sauces. Their history is made up of a series of events and projects that illustrate one of Idhéa’s three core values: pioneering spirit. La Case aux Épices has introduced innovations that have marked real turning points in the catering market: the first sugar sticks, the first sauces in paper sachets, the first chilli oil sachets for pizza, the first sauces in stick packs, etc.

Packaging solutions
for every need

Today, Idhéa’s many packaging lines offer great versatility. We offer a wide variety of packaging solutions to cover all your needs. Whether for the catering industry – both kitchen and dining room – or to enhance the dishes prepared by our clients in the food industry, or for all of us, as customers in the retail sector, we have solutions for each target market.

We currently have more than
50 different types and sizes of packaging:

0.8 g and 14 g sachets
4 g and 10 g sticks, in bulk, packs and dispenser boxes
3 ml to 50 ml sachets
Individual 20 g and 25 g pots
18 g pepper shakers
50 g salt shakers
350 ml, 500 ml and 800 ml squeeze bottles
350 ml, 500 ml, and 1 L bottles (various shapes available)
40 ml, 50 ml and 125 g pots
100 g, 170 g and 265 g tubes
5 L drums
3 L pump dispenser jars
3 L, 5 L, 10 L and 20 L pails
Large containers (CHEP bags)

Différents conditionnements

Are you a trade buyer? Part of the eating-out industry? Do you have special requirements for a particular type of packaging?
This list should give you some idea of our versatility. Please get in touch if you are looking for something else, and we will consider your request.

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Lots of flexibility
in secondary packaging

At Idhéa, case packing can be automated or done manually up to palletisation. We have solutions ranging from bulk in cardboard boxes to film-covered display trays and from Technifil containers to returnable crates (for Switzerland).

Whether you are a manufacturer with your own handling constraints or a distributor with specific logistics and commercial requirements,
let us know what you need and we will work with you to find the best solution.

Ligne d'encaissage automatique

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Increasingly responsible

In our sector, plastic is still necessary for packaging our products. It’s therefore essential that we eco-design our packaging to limit our environmental footprint as much as possible, encourage re-use, and become part of the closed-loop economy.

Contenant à sauce sur chaine de production

Idhéa and the Migros Group have set ambitious targets for the next few years in terms of recyclability, reduction of packaging weight, and the integration of recycled and renewable raw materials. This is why, at Idhéa, our R&D Project Manager for packaging development is also our Sustainable Development Manager. Find out how her role is defined by our values and commitments.