Bespoke sauces

Idhéa, the sauce maker with 50 years of expertise

Developing bespoke sauces is the historical core of our business. rom artisan sauce makers, we have grown to become industrial producers, enabling us to manufacture larger volumes, while maintaining our focus on quality .

Our extensive knowledge of your markets equips us with the ability to anticipate trends!

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Recipes and packaging: Solutions for all uses

What does this mean for you, as a restaurant owner or retailer?

To date, we have created more than 340 recipes, including more than 74 different types of mayonnaise to suit their intended uses.

We are able to produce sauces in sizes ranging from 4g to 1 tonne thanks to our extensive and versatile production facilities. Whether you want sauces to accompany your takeaway dishes, serve your customers in condiment holders on tables or counter tops or be used in the kitchen in pails, cans or squeeze bottles… the possibilities are endless!

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Your sauces, your packaging, your logo!

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You want a product range with your own brand? Packaging that matches your restaurant chain’s graphic design? Exclusive recipes?

At Idhéa, we have the skills and flexibility to meet your requirements in terms of both recipe and packaging development. Tell us about your project and we will carefully consider your requirements.

Dedicated teams

Your first point of contact will always be our Sales Team.

Your project is then managed internally by a Marketing Team specialised in the eating-out sector. This team, with the support of your sales representative, will keep in regular contact with you to coordinate the development of your product (sending samples, packaging design, etc.). With its expertise in the catering industry, our Marketing Team can also provide added value in terms of strategic thinking.

Our R&D and Quality Assurance Teams will work with you directly when a conversation between experts is required for more effective decision-making.

Our Quality Assurance Team is your main contact for any enquiries about data entry in your product management system, our certifications, quality issues, etc.

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