Sustainable development

Sustainable development at the heart of our strategy

Idhéa takes its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. Sustainable development forms part of our strategy, as well as our values. The Migros Group is a sustainability pioneer. As a member of the Group, and a Migros Industrie manufacturer, Idhéa’s daily operations are based on the seven key principles of its value chain. Our objective is to develop our business without compromising the needs of future generations.

Behind each of our products, we work as a company and as individuals to develop more sustainable ways of working, producing and consuming. Sustainability is therefore a key tenet of our philosophy that undoubtedly adds value for our company, our customers and our environment.

Here are our objectives for 2040:

By 2040, we will process only sustainable raw materials.

By 2040, we will work exclusively with renewable energy.

By 2040, we will be working with closed-loop, ecological cycles.

This long-term vision sets our course and points us in the right direction in 7 areas of our value chain:

The 2020 targets have been met. We are working towards the targets set for 2025.

Portrait d'une employée chez Idhéa

“The world is changing and that’s good news! Whether it’s in the way we consume or interact with others, we each have our part to play, and we are all responsible for our environment”.

Nathalie Ludwig, Sustainable Development Manager, Idhéa

Here is a message from Nathalie L., our Sustainable Development Manager. Nathalie wasn’t keen to appear in Idhéa’s communications as the individual in charge of Sustainable Development. In her view, it’s not the concern of one individual: sustainable development is everyone’s concern! But to ensure that everyone’s concerns are coordinated and managed effectively, one person was needed. As a Packaging Developer in the R&D Department, with a strong sense of environmental responsibility, Nathalie’s new role in Sustainable Development was a logical next step. And we are delighted because she has already supported the delivery of several projects that have made a real difference!

Making a real difference to Idhéa products

poules en plein air

Our products are made exclusively from cage-free eggs.

Since the end of 2022, we have stopped buying eggs from battery farms and only produce products made from cage-free eggs. In addition to the obvious advantage of the hens’ welfare, we see this as a great opportunity for our clients, who are themselves aware of this issue and want to make it known.

Reduced plastic in our salad dressing bottles

In 2021 and 2022, Idhéa optimised the packaging of all bottles in its French and Swiss supermarket ranges.

Actions taken:
Eliminated sleeves and switched to labels​
Reduced the weight of packaging (-10%)​
Reduced the proportion of packaging / sauce
Integrated recycled PET (25%)
Switched to attached bottle caps​

Our bottles are now recyclable
Saving 50+ tonnes of plastic / year

avant-après d'une bouteille réduite en plastique

Essential certifications

logo bio européen

Organic Food

Organic foods are completely in line with our sustainable development strategy, with or without the implementation of the “EGAlim” Law in France (Article 24 of the Act of 30 October 2018). Each of our ranges therefore includes an organic offering for both mass retail and eating-out industry channels. We have a vast network of suppliers who are able to meet our demand for ingredients.

ISO 14001

At the end of 2022, our sustainability management system was certified to ISO 14001.