Idhéa International

Idhéa has over 30 years’ experience of exporting. International business has now become part of our employees’ daily routine.

A long history of exporting in Europe

Since 2016, Idhéa’s teams have been working with an international dimension on a daily basis, with the production of the Swiss range of sauces for the Migros Group. Yet our company has been exporting from its base in Alsace for more than 30 years.

In particular, our trade product ranges have been sold on three continents for many years:

  • In Europe: Benelux, Austria, Germany.
  • In North America: USA, Canada and the Caribbean.
  • In North Africa: Morocco.
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Intercultural skills are required on a daily basis.

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A large part of Idhéa’s turnover is generated by the production of sauces made in France and sold in Switzerland.

In practical terms, this means that every year, Idhéa’s teams manage a large number of product launches with people with different languages and cultures for sauce markets that are very different from the French market. All our teams are therefore used to intercultural collaboration.

We are aware of the specific needs of foreign markets and customers and strive to be an effective partner in the communication and delivery of international projects.

Versatility and flexibility are absolutely key for meeting international demands:

From our Quality Assurance Department to our Sales Teams and from R&D to Procurement, we understand that each request is specific and requires versatility and flexibility. These essential qualities allow us to:

Provide optimum support to our French customers who wish to sell their ranges abroad:

We help them to develop new recipes or design labelling to meet the requirements of their new target markets.

Help foreign clients who want to develop their business in France or in their existing markets:

We can supply them with our branded products or their own branded products, or enable them to manufacture and package their ranges locally in France.

Meet the specific cultural, logistical or marketing requirements of certain markets.

Idhéa is particularly well-placed to:
Develop recipes and flavours to suit the tastes of local consumers;
Offer halal or halal-suitable products;
Obtain additional certifications in the event of specific, local regulations;
Ensure long shelf-lives and offer a variety of packaging suitable for large-scale exporting;
Offer supply chain solutions through the Group’s numerous international logistics hubs.

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