The foundations of Idhéa date back to 1971, when the oldest of our brands was founded:
La Case aux Epices. It is therefore a history and a know-how acquired over more than 50 years
that our teams represent and cultivate with pride!

ancien logo de La Case aux Épices

Mr Georges Chiavazza creates La Case aux Épices and the Société Alsacienne de Conditionnement Moderne. It all began with spices mixed in a cement mixer in a farmhouse in Alsace…




Dosettes épices pour couscous

The company grows and starts producing sachets of couscous and paella.

Dosette et logo Erstein

The Erstein sugar cooperative very soon takes an interest in La Case aux Épices, due to its expertise in individual packaging. The cooperative becomes the majority shareholder of La Case aux Épices.




Dosettes de sauce spicy piz

La Case aux Épices launches the first individual sachets of chilli oil for pizza!

The company needs space to achieve its new ambitions. La Case aux Épices is no longer just a sauce packaging plant. We start manufacturing sauces ourselves. Construction begins on the current site in rue des Épices, Hochfelden.



Dosettes de mayonnaise

La Case aux Épices is first to launch sauces in stick packs, based on our expertise in sugar stick formats.

Ancien logo Saveurs et Sauces

Following Erstein’s decision to refocus on its historical sugar business, La Case aux Épices is acquired by Saveurs & Sauces. This Alsatian SME specialises in the manufacture of sauces and is a long-standing commercial partner of La Case aux Épices.



article de journal portant sur le regroupement de Saveurs et sauces et La case aux épices

La Case aux Épices and Saveurs & Sauces merge to form IDHEA.

Idhéa becomes part of the Migros Group, Switzerland’s leading retailer. The Alsatian SME becomes a Migros Industrie centre of excellence, producing all the retail group’s cold sauces. Since 2019, Idhéa has produced the entire range of Migros own-brand sauces for the Swiss market.



A new brand is launched in the chilled food aisles of French supermarkets, with a range of bottled salad dressings and dips. La Fraîch’ Touch is born!

Migros Industrie buys Frifrench, adding the iconic Swiss brand of premium salad dressings to Idhéa’s portfolio.



Logo de la marque Idhéa

Idhéa gets a makeover with a new brand identity for a new era of serving our consumers and all our customers in the food, catering and retail sectors.

The historic brand Saveurs & Sauces reaffirms its position as expert sauce manufacturer since 1984, with a new look and new ambitions to meet the expectations of catering professionals.