In the agri-food sector, there are three critical aspects of the operation:
Quality Assurance, Research & Development, and Production Control. We have therefore placed them at the heart of our strategic and management approach, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of our daily operations.

Quality at Idhéa

At Idhéa, quality is everyone’s business. It is written into the company’s values. .
Two sentences emphasise this point:

“We never compromise on quality and safety.” »

“By our actions, we show that we are aware of our responsibilities, loyal and trustworthy.” »

To enable us to live by these maxims, Idhéa has focused on building a strong Quality Assurance Team, led by a Quality Manager with 25 years of experience in the food industry.

We know that our clients have to satisfy their end consumers, who have increasingly higher expectations. At the same time, we are seeing tighter regulations in the industry alongside the significant development of our FSC “Food Safety Culture”. We are very aware of the importance of a FSC. At Idhéa, we continuously strive to create and maintain a quality and food safety culture among all our employees across production and administrative departments.

We ensure the effectiveness of our food safety management system by regularly reviewing our Health Management Plan (HMP) and following up on the resulting monitoring and control plans.

At the same time, the Quality Team works closely with all departments, viewing them as internal clients. It is responsible for providing support and ensuring the whole system runs smoothly.

At Idhéa, Quality Assurance is a continuous process that involves all of our employees.

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Certifications and Labels

The Quality Department’s many tasks include regularly renewing our certifications and labels:

Logo Agriculture biologique
Logo Vegan
logo Halal

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Production at Idhéa

Idhéa’s modern manufacturing equipment allows for versatility and flexibility.
This is a key asset which enables us to meet the needs of diverse customers across the food, , catering and retail sectors, both in terms of recipes (taste, consistency, conservation, etc.) and packaging.

Our three teams of food handlers, sauce makers and packaging line operators are directly involved in producing over 170 sauce recipes on a daily basis.


Did you know that we are able to offer more than 40 mayonnaise recipes, with different tastes and consistencies, to suit our customers’ intended uses?

We have 5 production lines for making sauces. These range from simple mixtures, such as nuoc mam and marinades, to more complex processes that guarantee, for example, a consistent texture for emulsion sauces.

cuves et machineries

Our sauce makers undertake three stages of training, covering different levels of complexity for the various types of sauces. Olivier, one of our expert sauce makers, explains more in this video.

machine palettiseur


Across our 26 packing lines, we are equipped to package any size, from a few grams to a tonne: sachets, stick packs, bottles, vials, squeeze bottles, pails, jars, cans, CHEP bags, etc. We are currently able to package our sauces in over 50 different types and sizes of packaging.

This diversity requires skills management and constant attention. We have to ensure:

· Continuous quality
· Maximum efficiency between each format change and new production order
· Production rates that allow us to satisfy all orders.

This is why packaging is the key focus of our Lean management plan.

Research & Development (R&D) at Idhéa

You want a new sandwich, a particular Asian sauce, or a new signature flavour?
Our R&D Team love a challenge, just like these ones!

At Idhéa, the R&D Team is a core part of the company. Its expertise and ability to work with the most advanced raw materials, in close collaboration with our Purchasing Department, enables it to develop top-quality recipes and to meet our customers’ requirements, no matter how sophisticated they may be.

Following the same strategy as the Quality Department, Idhéa relies on a strong team of four engineers and two highly qualified technicians.

The 6 members of Idhéa’s R&D Team are involved in the various stages of recipe development for our sauces:

· Creation or variation of recipes in the laboratory,
· Design or development of new packaging
· Testing and putting into production
· Defining the processes and all the production

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We work as closely as possible with our customers to fine-tune our recipes until they meet their expectations perfectly, in terms of taste, texture, ingredients, Nutri-Score and other nutritional criteria. This is done hand-in-hand with our Marketing, Procurement, Quality Assurance and Production Teams. And, of course, with the strictest respect for food safety and quality.