Our sauces

Idhéa’s teams have over 30 years’ experience of marketing sauces.
Today, our versatile, flexible manufacturing base is optimised by a strong team of sauce makers and R&D developers. Our team is ready to accept any challenge to create new flavours and meet our customers’ specific requirements!

Versatility and variety

To date, Idhéa has developed a range of over 200 chilled and ambient products:

Emulsion sauces, such as mayonnaises and other varieties (e.g. Algerian, cocktail, curry, tartar, garlic, etc.)
Ketchup and barbecue sauce
Asian sauces: Nuoc mam, soy-based sauces and other specific ingredients
Salad dressings and vinaigrettes
Chilli oils for pizza

Our selection consists of various ranges:

Conventional quality and organic,
Certified vegan
Halal-certified and halal-suitable.

Need more information?

Beyond this snapshot of our current ranges, our teams in R&D, Purchasing, Quality Assurance and, of course, Manufacturing are continuously developing new skills and creating new flavours, in line with market trends or specific customer requirements. Black sesame paste or ginger, bulgogi or gochujang – these are just some of the flavours that our teams have been delighted to take on!

Our ranges are increasingly oriented towards organic produce, wholesome recipes, and sustainable practices

We consistently maintain our environmentally sustainable and socially responsible approach in all new product development. This includes reducing the number of ingredients in our recipes as much as possible; using simple ingredients you could find in the home; trying to select raw materials that respect the environment and animal welfare, and limiting the use of additives. All our branded products are now “clean label” and we only use free-range eggs.