Our business

From classic cold sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressings, to the most exotic sauces, such as Nuoc Mam and Sriracha – or even sauces that haven’t been invented yet! – we are a team of committed employees who take pride in our products. Our versatility allows us to satisfy 3 markets:

Restaurant owners and wholesalers

We know your customers well. We can provide the recipes and packaging you require for your kitchens or on your tables for your customers.

Food manufacturers

Who better to understand and satisfy your needs than another manufacturer? Enhance your ready meals, salads or sandwiches with our sauces, available in any size, from individual sachets to the tonne, to ensure your products to meet your consumers’ expectations.

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Supermarket brands

Thanks to our parent company, Switzerland’s largest retailer, we have extensive experience in making products for the general public. Our fresh sauces, dips, mustards, mayonnaises and other cold sauces are available in formats that are suitable for retail trade, under our brand or your brand names.


Idhéa currently markets 4 brands. The grandmother of them all, “La Case aux Épices”, was created in 1971. Since then, the family of sauces and flavours has grown to include Saveurs et Sauces (1984), Fraîch Touch (2020) and Frifrench (acquired by our parent company in 2021).

Our retail brand of delicious, fresh salad dressings and dips!

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Our 100% catering industry brand with over 60 individual products

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Our brand of salad dressings for Swiss supermarkets

Logo de La Case aux Épices

Our brand of spices and seasoning for the catering industry

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Responsible approach

Idhéa takes its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. Sustainable development forms part of our strategy, as well as our values. The Migros Group is a sustainability pioneer. As a member of that Group, and a Migros Industrie manufacturer, Idhéa’s daily operations are based on seven key principles. Our objective is to develop our business without compromising the needs of future generations.

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“The world is changing and that’s good news! Whether it’s in the way we consume or interact with others, we each have our part to play, and we are all responsible for our environment”.

Nathalie Ludwig, Sustainable Development Manager, Idhéa